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The Academy of Human Development is a Singapore-based university offering degrees, professional training, and consulting. Areas of study include counseling, psychotherapy, and human services, which are designed to increase effectiveness of individuals in their vocation and personal life. The school was established in 1998. The university's primary focus is on counseling and mental health.

Aims of organisation

It is a provider of training and consultancy for professionals. Specialties lie in the counselling, psychotherapy and human service areas. The organization offers both degree programs and certification in a variety of areas, including Emotionally focused therapy, Behavioural consultant, community crisis response team, and other areas.

All the programmes are conducted on part-time study mode with some full-time programmes to cater mainly for international students. The Academy specialises in counselling, psychotherapy and human service areas. Some of the counselling programmes are conducted under the School of Counselling.

Programs and Services

Academic Courses

Courses are taught in both Mandarin and English. Both Bachelors and Masters degrees are offered.



Professional Development

Offering certification and accreditation programs in Addiction treatment, Emotionally focused therapy, Attachment-Focused Treatment Attachment Focused Treatment Institute,[1] Solution Focused Therapy, and several other programs. The certification and training are offered in conjunction with a United States treatment center, The Center For Family Development. The training focuses on Dyadic developmental psychotherapy.

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