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From the website:
Acta Psychologica publishes original articles and extended reviews on selected books in any area of experimental psychology. The focus of the Journal is on empirical studies and evaluative review articles that increase the theoretical understanding of human capabilities. The majority of papers deal with human performance, attention, perception, memory, and decision-making but papers concerned with social processes, development, psychopathology, neuroscience or computational modelling are also welcome provided that they are of direct importance to experimental psychologists and are written so as to be understandable to such a readership.
The journal publishes occasional special issues devoted to single topics which merit particular attention. Examples of such issues are: Visual Gestalt Formation (P. v. Helm, R.v. Lier and J. Wagemans) and Executive Control of Human Action (B. Hommel, I. Daum and R.H. Kluwe)

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