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For the subject-matter, see addictive behavior
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(From the website) Addictive Behaviors is an international scientific journal publishing research on substance abuse. The journal specifically focuses on studies related to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and nicotine. Articles represent interdisciplinary endeavors with research in such fields as psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology, medicine, pharmacology and neuroscience. While theoretical orientations are diverse, the emphasis of the journal is primarily empirical. That is, sound experimental design combined with valid, reliable assessment and evaluation procedures are a requisite for acceptance. Uncontrolled clinical demonstrations and case studies are not accepted for publication. Priority is given to the publication of research that evaluates behavioral and/or pharmacological treatment or prevention interventions. In addition, studies of the functional relationships between substance use and any one of a combination of social, emotional, cognitive, environmental, and attitudinal factors are encouraged. Studies that clearly contribute to current knowledge of the etiology, prevention and/or treatment of substance abuse are given priority. Research on the epidemiology of substance use is also published. A limited number of reviews are published.

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Full texts available online[]

Volume 34 (2009)[]

Volume 33 (2008)[]

Volume 32 (2007)[]

  • Johnson, M. E., Brems, C. B., Mills, M. E., & Fisher, D. G. (2007). Psychiatric symptomatology among individuals in alcohol detoxification treatment. Addictive Behaviors, 32,1745-1752. Full text

Volume 31 (2006)[]

Volume 30 (2005)[]

Volume 29 (2004)[]

Volume 28 (2003)[]

  • Wall, A. M., Thrussell, C., & Lalonde, R. N. (2003). Do alcohol expectancies become intoxicated outcomes? A test of social learning theory in a naturalistic bar setting. Addictive Behaviors, 28, 1271-1283. Full text

Volume 27 (2002)[]

Volume 26 (2001)[]

Volume 25 (2000)[]