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Alexis karpouzos, philosopher and psychological theorist.

Alexis karpouzos (Greek: Αλέξης καρπούζος) (born April 09, 1967, Athens city, Greece) is an Greek-born philosopher and psychological theorist. His work focuses mainly on creating an "universal theory of consciousness" in which the insights of eastern and asian mysticism, the Hegel’s dialectical ontology, the post-philosophical thought of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Husserl, Heidegger, also the modern physics and the higher mathematics come together to form a coherent picture of the Kosmos. In 1998 alexis karpouzos founded the international center of learning, research and culutre, a wisdom forum for studying issues of science and society in an integral way. He has been a visioner in the development of post-history sense of cosmic unity and the integral consciousness.


Alexis karpouzos (Greek : Αλέξης καρπούζος) was born in Athens on April 9, 1967, after attending philosophy and social studies courses at the Athens School of Philosophy and political science courses at the Athens Law School, he continued his studies in psychoanalysis and the psychology of learning. During his studies in Greece he has actively involved in the social, ecologic and occupancy movements. At the same time (starting in 1990), he met Cornelius Castoriadis an Greek-born philosopher and attended his lectures and lessons He was influenced by Castoriadis attempt to connect philosophy with psychoanalysis and politics in order to gain a new perspective on some of the problems of society during his time. In 1995 he met with Kostas Axelos and was inspired by his post-philosophical thinking and his central concepts, such as the concepts of the play.


Alexis karpouzos use Pre-Socratics philosophy and generally the ancient Greek philosophy, as well as the pre-philosophical thinking of The Upanishads, the Vedas and Buddhism in India, of Lao Tzu, of Zen Buddhism and the Taoist tradition in China, of the Arab mystics and poets, with their metaphysical religiosity as the metaphysical basis for the interpretation and understanding of the world and existence. At the same time the ancient metaphysics is connect with Hegel’s dialectical ontology and with the modern thinking of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Heidegger, and others as the interpretive context for understanding the central problems of the technical and scientific world during his time. For Alexis karpouzos the combination of ancient and modern thought creates the holistic experience of universal space-time and the consciousness of the unity.

Alexis karpouzos currently writes and tours as a teacher. He holds that is only the mind and the language that divides unity of universal space-time into conceptual parts, while Consciousness remains one unified whole.  "I invite people to just remember that the world does not consist of subjects and objects, the "subject" and the "object" are metaphysical abstractions of the single and indivisible Wholeness. Man's finite knowledge separates the Whole into parts and studies fragmentarily the beings. The Universal Wholeness is manifested in multiple forms and each form encapsulates the Wholeness. All beings and things, visible and invisible are interrelated and inseparable, are the same and different forms of open wholeness. You are not separate from that which you are intrinsically a part of, regardless of how distant other things seem to be from you. You are a part of all that appears to you, and they are all a part of you. You affect each other, because you are one another. The possibility of survival, passing through a generous and friendly relationship with the other man, with the other beings, the planet as a whole, the stars and the whole universe. Αs he says, 'We need a post-ontological poetic thought, we need a sense of the unity of life and of humans for the sake of human welfare and for the survival of the planet. We need a sense of unity with the cosmos so that we can connect with Reality. But we also need a sense of individuality, for the sake of our own dignity and independence and of the loving care for others. We need it to appreciate each natural form, each animal and plant, each human person in their uniqueness'.

The poetic thought of Alexis karpouzos is a expressions of soul's inner experiences, expression of universality. The inspiring visual images and the symbolic use of language offer a description of elevating experiences of consciousness, a glimpse of higher worlds. The philosophy of alexis karpouzos speak to the human experience from a universal perspective, trancending all religions, cultural and national boundaries. Using vivid images and a direct language that speaks to the heart, his philosophy evokes a sense of deep communication with the collective unconscious, a sense of connection to all the creatures of the world, compassion for others, admiration for the beauty of nature, reverence for all life, and an abiding faith in the invisible touch of world. Alexis karpouzos thoughts are often terse and paradoxical, challenging us to to break out of the box of limiting beliefs and see things from a new perspective. Above all, alexis karpouzos continually calls to us to wake up and exlpore the mysteries within our own selves, i.e the mysteries of universe.



''When you look deeply into yourself you may be able to see that there is, in this moment, a quality of aliveness that is animating you that is not philosophical and is not abstract. It's independent of what you think about it, what you believe about it and what you feel about it. It's always there! it is animating your breath, It is coursing the spirit, it is what makes it possible for you to think and speak and see and hear''.


''We belong to a dynamic-participatory unfolding universe that inspires wonder, awe, and creativity. We are an integral part of the universe. Our Universe exists as a unified field or whole. Creative energy swirling as atoms, giving rise to molecules, forming galaxies, stars, planets, mountains, rivers and the bodies of all living beings. If this is so, why do we not “see” the world this way, experience our lives for the miracle it is? Forests, lovers, galaxies, flowers, rivers, mountains, moons and countless living beings- our Universe moves and dances as each of us. Born of Earth, animated by solar winds , we are the children of evolution’s story, Nature’s emergence on the stage of cosmic history. Birds calling, hurricanes swirling, bees passing by, waves crashing on beaches, leaves waving hello from a neighbor’s tree. All flowering into this moment, creative expressions of our sacred totality. Waiting, just waiting, for our minds to quiet, our hearts to open and our eyes to see…

Our physical bodies function as a harmonious whole, all the cells and systems working together as one, in synch with the surrounding world. We breathe in oxygen given to us by the trees, drink water from lakes and springs, take in materials from trees and plants that grow in the earth, their leaves gathering energy from our local star, the sun. Every moment of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, we live in unity and intimate connection with the creative wisdom of the natural world. Thinking and behavior that is in tune with Nature’s wisdom is more compassionate and holistic than the mechanistic ways of complex civilizations. All it requires is mindful observation, curiosity, a creative imagination and a peaceful heart''.


''The challenge for humanity now is to transform and transcend our fractured views of the world, to shift paradigms, to return to a more wise and holistic understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe. A change in thinking and behavior will result naturally from a change of heart. As Einstein put it, “Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Once enough of us open our minds and collaborate together, there’s a good chance we’ll find many of our problems can be solved quite easily. By aligning our species with the wisdom of Nature (and our own hearts), the health of our planet and communities could be restored. We just need to recognize our interdependence with the rest of the Universe, be more generous and grateful, care about one another, re-evaluate our priorities and change the way we think.

The whole Universe pulses with complex interconnections and a mysterious beauty far beyond our imaginations. There’s a deeper truth that our limited conceptions ignores- that the Universe is not something that exists outside of us. You and I are creative living expressions of ALL that is. We are born of atoms forged in the heart of long gone stars, energized now by the photons of our local sun. Kept alive by the nutrients and air of our World. We are Life manifesting as people, mountains, rivers and trees. Seeing this deeper truth and experiencing our connection to the Universe is the beginning of wisdom. Sharing that wisdom with others- and using it as the foundation for redesigning the human systems that we build together- is how our world can be re-created and transformed''.


''We live in a universe that can be seen and experienced from many different perspectives. We therefore need to look at the universe from many different angles. Everything and everyone is a form of the universe being expressed in a particular way. In other words, each one of us can say with absolute certainly “We are the Universe!” Since we are the universe, each one of us provides a valuable perspective that complements the contributions of everyone and everything else around us.Each of us is the universe being expressed in a particular location in a specific way. We’re all part of the same moving and evolving cosmos, but the view of it is unique from each of our respective locations.

This suggests that the universe is not only omnicentric, but that it is also multiperspectival – there are many different, and equally valid, viewpoints on this. Each one of us is a cosmic laboratory within which we can discover the secrets of the universe.We speak in various ways, we are each the universe having become aware of itself in our own unique way. The insights that the universe has many different perspectives and is both cosmic and personal has great transformative potential, and is worth reflecting on deeply''.


''Embracing our oneness with nature be key to our survival. The unity is the invisible Intelligence and is embedded in the rhythms and relationships that observed in nature, we are the work of this cosmic intelligence. What is good for the whole system? On Earth, to the web of life on the planet, what is good for the whole system is good for us all. However, what may be good for a few of us in the short term is not necessarily good for the whole system. Because a few can distort the dynamic, the structure of the whole, by biasing it to work for their immediate benefit, for greed, selfishness and vanity. So, let’s look at the whole system, let us act as if we are part of it—because we are. We are part of nature, and nature is part of the universe. This recognition is probably the deepest guidance we can have.

The open Oneness doesn’t mean that we lose our individuality. The open Oneness means that we are joined together, each of us bringing something to the whole system, we are the whole system, we are all the others. This is what we need to understand; that we can, we must be, one with nature, without losing our individuality. We are not separate mechanical elements outside of nature. Every individual is a complex system running on the same information that orients all of nature. By following the intelligence implicit in the laws of nature we are not losing anything. We are gaining everything, because the secret of our health and wellbeing is to be one within ourselves, and to be one with others. Every event, every action impacts the whole system. If we know that, then we can freely choose to act as part of the whole.

Every living system is alive and healthy when all its elements, every one of the trillions and trillions of cells, are working together with and for the whole system. If in the human body there is a group of cells that is out of step, moving on its own, if it just grows and multiplies on its own we have the condition of disease. Every disease is basically a condition where some parts of the body do not cooperate with, are not fully aligned with, the whole. All of us, all of the web of life on Earth, on Universe, must come together to form the symphony of oneness. That is the purpose of our existence. It is our contribution to the world. When we use our mind, our spirit, our consciousness the natural way, the way they were born to be used, we will find our way to oneness in our family and community, on Earth, and in the universe''.


''The eastern and Asian thought is poetical thought and wisdom of life. The western philosophy is a rational thought seeking for the truth by the abstract mind and the natural or artificial symbolism of language and mathematics. The eastern philosophy denied the division into matter and spirit, on which the western philosophy and science was founded. It is talking about the unbreakable One. Namely, it is neither idealism, nor materialism. It does not accept this theoretical division on knowledge. The western thought founded its building on the division of matter and spirit and from this division emerged the two philosophical currents of materialism and idealism. The western science today ends up on the same conclusion with the eastern philosophy. We surpass this division between matter and spirit. The nature is united. We go over matter and spirit.

Besides, at the contemporary physics, matter and energy is the same. The Universe is energy. The matter is nothing more than concentrated energy. What is more, the division into spirit that observes and matter that is being observed has been refuted by the double slit experiment of quantum physics. In this experiment the observer and the object being observed are one since they affect one another. The science of Chaos teaches us that everything is interconnected, but the contemporary developments in neuroscience, getting started with the brain neurons and their multiple connections, reveal the topology of the brain, a miniature of the universal geometry of everything. For example, the Hindu tradition of the Upanishads faces the personal ego as an illusion (Maya). Maya separates the personal Ego from the transcendent Being (Brahman). When the illusion of the personal Ego is spoiled, then the compound with the Transcendent Being is achieved. The Transcendent Being is located deep inside the human’s soul (Αtman). The human’s soul (Αtman) and the Transcendent Being (Brahman) are the Same, boundlessly and timelessly. You are this one (tat tvam asi) “The one who lives inside all beings, but is something else compared to them. He, who is being ignored by the beings, but his body is all the beings. He, who controls all the beings from inside. He is your Soul, the internal Auditor, the Immortal”.

A Buddhist text gives us a vision of the time: “Buddha taught the past, the future, the natural world and each one of us is nothing but names, forms of thought, public words, simply superficial realities.” A Buddhist sutra says: “the form is the vacuum, the vacuum is the form”. For the Japanese Buddhist zen there is no other space, there is no other time. This moment is everything. In this moment the whole being is being summarized. In this moment everything is available, into this moment eternity penetrates the existence and existence penetrates eternity. Bohr’s quantum principle of complementarity supports that everything in the Universe consists of opposed sections. The Chinese Tao is the symbol that characterizes the dialectic unity of opposites. The Tao is the rhythm which connects the opposites.

The wisdom of the ancient knowledge and the philosophy of the contemporary scientific knowledge converge and create open thought, the thought of open Wholeness. The core of the open thought is the cosmic consciousness. In every particle, atom, molecule, cell of matter the energy and the information of the cosmic spirit is concentrated. The history of the universal spirit and the spirit of the universal history of spirit unfold through time and in different places. They are history of transformation of our relationship with the world. The knowledge of the cosmic spirit is an unchanged structure, which is expressed in multiple forms in the evolutionary history of the universe''.


''The “deamon” of Socrates is the voice of God that works inside us, it is an echo of the voice that governs the Universe and defines the operation of everything in the world. This way, Socrates unites in a mutual substance the man, the Universe and the God! Socrates cogitates the sky, detects the stars, envisions the entire world and within him there is the profound conviction that through the “cosmic creation” and the “human fate”, a superior Intellect, which is an imprint of our own Intellect, dominates.Democritus and Lefkipos supported that the atoms are the last molecules of matter which are not susceptible to incisions (they cannot be divided) or fluctuations, are unborn, indestructible, unchangeable and indivisible, complete and perfect, compact, united and simple, while they are numerically infinite, vastly varied in shape and move continuously in space. Namely, using contemporary terminology, Lefkipos and Democritus introduced an energy “conservation principle” of the atom.

Plato believed that every phenomenon of the world is deceptive and everything perceived by the human senses is an illusion. Through Virtue, Plato discovers the immaterial world, which he calls an Idea, and he becomes the founder of Ideocracy. The interpretation of the matter of the visible world is a fraud, for Plato. The soul has a divine origin, it is related to the Ideas, but it is the only thing in the world that is similar to the Ideas. By knowing, the soul of the divine becomes divine itself and equal to God Himself. Dialectics is the queen of the sciences and the only path to true knowledge. The eastern and Asian philosophies and religions were led through introspection, meditation, intuition, insight and mystical experience to the understanding of the deep structure of the natural world. We could say that they do not constitute philosophies, with the west notion of the term, since they are not expressed by the rational intellect, the logical argument and the declarative language of science, but by parables, allegories, images and poetic language.

The eastern philosophy points a path to the revelation of truth, namely the living experience that humans, plants, animals, the planet, the stars, everybody and everything is One. Everything is made of the same “universal matter”. The separations are metaphysical abstractions and mental constructions. The difference between the western and the eastern and Asian thought is the way that we will reach the ultimate knowledge, the knowledge of wholeness. There is no methodology on the western sense, a system of predefined rules that aim on a purpose. There is the path of the personal search. That is why we support that the “knowledge” is not mental, namely impersonal, but it is experiential, i.e., personal. The “knowledge” is ineffable and inexpressible, for it is not expressed in words, but shown with attitude, manner and style''.



i know that i shall meet my shadow,

one day, is our fate. I know that, someday,

the light ends for us and the deadly gravity

will absorb us. And again, a magician spark

will shine and a ocean of souls

will flood the universe and will

give birth to stars and grief.

And maybe, just maybe, in another heaven,

my dreams will be your dreams.

You see, everything repeats itself

and everything will be reincarnated in different forms.

An incredible miracle, carefree, and we live in it.

The miracle is folded into your heart.


I come from the depths of infinity

and from all directions of space-time.

I traveled through dark tunnels, went through solar storms.

I went straight, circled, parallel, rotated as a spiral.

Cosmic clouds trapped me and escaped from them.

Avoided collisions with meteories.

I was helped by exotic particles,

neutron stars and the love of gravity.

Every leaf, every flower, every mountain and lake,

every cloud and every star and every atom recognize me and greet me.

I feel that i have live for million lifetimes.

Who am i? What is my purpose?

Last night i sent a question into universe, asking ”who am i or am i not?

The universe responded immediately:

”You asked me the same thing billions of years ago.

And then and now i answer:

You’re the smile of no birth and no death,

The Hidden Law!


“You come from the depths of infinity

and from all directions of space-time.

Every atom in you comes

from a different star,

every cell are made

of celestial radiation.

You're the smile of

no birth and no death.

You are the Great Poetry.”


You came in to this world with enough light

to find your way out of the dark,

enough kindness to save a soul,

enough love to shift a planet.

Don't worry,

you are equipped

with all you could ever need.

Look with in,

you are drenched in magic.


  1. The Multiplicity and the Unity are one and the same thing, a thing that is both many and one at the same time. The waves, and the currents underwater, make up the ocean. The ocean is the underlying basis for every wave. Neither the ocean, nor the waves, can be understood in isolation from each other.
  2. We must preserve the sense of unity and the sense of diversity and multiplicity. We must recognize that the One and the Many are the same thing viewed from different angles. The One is the Many. The One is manifested only in and through the Many. It has no separate existence apart from the Many. Equally the Many are the One. Even during their temporary separation, they are always part of the One, and always united with the One. Every one of us is always part of the One, and can unite with the One at any time we choose.
  3. The wisdom of the Eastern ancient knowledge and the Western philosophy of the contemporary scientific knowledge converge and create open thought, the thought of open Wholeness. The core of the open thought is the cosmic consciousness. In every particle, atom, molecule, cell of matter the energy and the information of the cosmic spirit is concentrated. The history of the universal spirit and the spirit of the universal history of spirit unfold through time and in different places. They are history of transformation of our relationship with the world. The knowledge of the cosmic spirit is an unchanged structure, which is expressed in multiple forms in the evolutionary history of the universe. There is an harmony between the spirit of Eastern wisdom and Western science. It attempts to suggest that modern physics goes far beyond technology, that the of universal thought can be a path with a heart, a way to spiritual knowledge and self-realization.
  4. The world does not consist of subjects and objects, the “subject” and the “object” are metaphysical abstractions of the single and indivisible Wholeness. Man’s finite knowledge separates the Whole into parts and studies fragmentarily the beings. The Wholeness is manifested in multiple forms and each form encapsulates the Wholeness.
  5. The universe is not a world of separate things and events but is a cosmos that is connected and coherent. The physical world and spiritual experience are both aspects of the same reality and man and the universe were one.
  6. It is by descending into the depths of his own self that man wanders through all the dimensions of the world; He sees as being that which he sees, perceiving the seer to be the same as the seen. Heart is the giver of grace, the Guide.
  7. All beings and things, visible and invisible are interrelated and inseparable, are the same and different forms of open wholeness. The possibility of survival, passing through a generous and friendly relationship with the other man, with the other beings, the planet as a whole, the stars and the whole universe.
  8. The Universe is continuously emerging as a fresh creation at every moment. All point to this same, extraordinary insight. The Universe is not static, nor is its continuation assured. Instead, the Universe is like a cosmic hologram that is being continuously upheld and renewed at every instant.14 A universal encouragement found across the world’s wisdom traditions is to live in the ‘NOW.’ This core insight has a clear basis in physics: The present moment is the place of direct connection with the entire Universe as it arises continuously. Each moment is a fresh formation of the Universe, emerging seamlessly and flawlessly.
  9. Every flower and insect, every bird, and all the creatures that live upon the land and swim within the rivers and seas, are part of the Tree of Life. You are connected to the whole of life. Whatever happens to the myriad forms of life in the world around you, has a direct affect on you.
  10. You are a point of consciousness within multiple fields of consciousness that interpenetrate each other: A multi-dimentional being within a multi-dimentional Universe.When you realise the unity of all these fields of consciousness you share life with, you partake in conscious communion.
  11. Void and existence coexist and complement each other endlessly in the Cosmos, and beyond this duality is Consciousness of unity.
  12. Our souls are tied across universes, there is unbroken continuity, you see the love is more powerful than death, so let the winds of the heavens to dance with you and give your smile at the other's welcome.
  13. Inside the united and indivisible universal Wholeness, every thought and action we make concerning the part, creates the reaction of the whole towards us. In short, whatever we are doing and in whichever way we are doing it, has a multiple effect on us, from every “corner” of the universal unity. The meaning of universal, indivisible unity creates a new social and ecological awareness, since the social and the nature are structural parts of the whole and every action we take against it, results in a reaction of the whole cosmic creation against us.
  14. The spiritual experience of oneness conduces to the same insight as reasoning through science. Both convey the insight of fundamental interconnection between ourselves, other people, other forms of life, the biosphere and, ultimately, the universe. Science and spirituality, far from being mutually exclusive and conflicting elements, are complementary partners in the search for the path that can enable humanity to recover its oneness with the world. Science demonstrates the urgent and objective need for it; and spirituality testifies to its inherent value and supreme desirability.
  15. All humans on earth are one. We descend from the same family of common ancestors. We are, in a quite literal sense, siblings, and like siblings we depend on each other's love and care and responsibility. We are interdependent not just in our families and communities, but in nations, and increasingly on a global scale - just as we are also interdependent with nature and the earth.


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