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The American Association for Artificial Intelligence or AAAI is a North American organization dedicated to advancing understanding of artificial intelligence (AI). The AAAI seeks to expand both the technical, scientific understanding of AI as well as the public understanding of AI as a science.


The organization, founded in 1979, has in excess of 6,000 members worldwide. In its early history, the organization was presided over by notable figures in computer science such as Allen Newell, Edward Feigenbaum, Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy. The current president is Alan Mackworth.


The AAAI provides many services to the Artificial Intelligence community. The AAAI sponsors many conferences and symposia each year as well as providing support to 14 journals in the field of artificial intelligence. The AAAI also established the AAAI Press in association with the MIT Press in 1989 to produce books of relevance to artificial intelligence research. Additionally, the AAAI produces a quarterly publication, AI Magazine which is written in such a way that it allows researchers to broaden the scope of their knowledge beyond their sub-fields.

Every other year, AAAI works with other AI organizations worldwide to put together the International Joint Conference on AI, or IJCAI.

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