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Autism Network International (ANI) is an advocacy organization run by and for autistic people. ANI's principles involve the anti-cure perspective, the perspective that there should not be a goal to "cure" people of autism.


Autreat is a retreat and conference for autistic people held in the United States. It is hosted by Autism Network International. The first Autreat was in 1996 [1]. As of 2006, there has been an Autreat every year except 2001.

Autreat is a conference for autistic people, in contrast to other autism conferences, which ANI believes are typically about autistic people but are intended for parents and professionals. Although parents, professionals, and others are welcome, Autreat is specifically designed for autistics, and offers an autistic-friendly environment, free of sensory bombardment. Guests are under no pressure to interact socially. A simple visual code in the form of a colored badge is used to indicate members who wish to interact with anyone and everyone, those who wish not to be approached by strangers, and those who wish not to be approached at all. (details at [2].

Autreat was the inspiration for Autscape, another autism conference held in Europe annually starting in 2005 [3].


^  Sinclair, Jim. History of ANI. Retrieved Nov. 12, 2005.

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