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Brain: Basilar part of pons
Brainstem Abducens.png
Brainstem -- basis pontis not labeled, but is visible at bottom
Latin pars basilaris pontis
Gray's subject #187 785
Part of
BrainInfo/UW hier-612
MeSH [1]

The basis pontis is the anterior portion of the pons.

Clinical significance

Infarction in this region can impair functioning.[1]

The basis pontis undergoes demyelination in the condition known as central pontine myelinolysis. This condition is due to the rapid intravenous correction of hyponatremia.


  1. Schmahmann JD, Ko R, MacMore J (June 2004). The human basis pontis: motor syndromes and topographic organization. Brain 127 (Pt 6): 1269–91.

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