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Basket cell
Transverse section of a cerebellar folium (Basket cell labeled at bottom left)
Location Cerebellum
Function Inhibitory interneuron
Morphology multipolar
Presynaptic connections Parallel fibers
Postsynaptic connections Purkinje cells

Basket cells are inhibitory GABAergic interneurons found in several brain regions: the molecular layer of the cerebellum, the hippocampus, and the cortex. In the cerebellum, they synapse on the cell bodies of Purkinje cells, and are multipolar and stellate, with freely branching dendrites, which are dilated and knotty. Hippocampal basket cells target somata and proximal dendrites of pyramidal neurons. Cortical and hippocampal basket cells are parvalbumin-expressing and fast-spiking.

Microcircuitry of the cerebellum. Excitatory synapses are denoted by (+) and inhibitory synapses by (-).
Basket cell labeled BC

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