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For the subject-matter, see Behavioral neuroscience
  • Description of subject matter covered:
The primary mission of Behavioral Neuroscience is to publish original papers in the broad field of the biological bases of behavior. Research articles cover all aspects of behavioral neuroscience, including
Experimental subjects include human and non-human animals; studies using non-traditional species (including invertebrates) and employing comparative analyses are welcome.
In addition to behavior, it is expected that some aspect of nervous system function will be manipulated or observed, ranging across molecular, anatomical, endocrinological, pharmacological, and physiological levels of analysis.
Studies employing brain imaging techniques in normal and pathological human populations are also published.
In addition to full-length research papers, the journal also publishes Brief Communications, which must not exceed 3,250 words of text and contain no more than two figures and/or tables. When appropriate, Commentaries on research papers are invited by the editors. Finally, the journal publishes Reviews and Minireviews on any theoretical, empirical, or historical topic related to the role of the nervous system in the production of behavior.

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  • Language: English

Full texts available online[]

Volume 125 (2011)[]

Volume 124 (2010)[]

Volume 123 (2009)[]

  • Shuman T., Wood S. C., & Anagnostaras S. G. (2009). Modafinil and Memory: Effects of Modafinil on Morris Water Maze Learning and Pavlovian Fear Conditioning. Behavioral Neuroscience, 123, 257-266. Full text
  • Cai D. J., Shuman T., Gorman M. R., Sage J. R., & Anagnostaras S. G. (2009), Sleep selectively enhances hippocampus-dependent memory in mice. Behavioral Neuroscience, 123, 713-719. Full text

Volume 122 (2008)[]

  • McHugh, S. B., Campbell, T. G., Taylor, A. M., Rawlins, J. N. P., & Bannerman, D. M. (2008). A role for dorsal and ventral hippocampus in inter-temporal choice cost-benefit decision making. Behavioral Neuroscience, 122, 1-8. Full text

Volume 121 (2007)[]

Volume 120 (2006)[]

Volume 119 (2005)[]

Volume 118 (2004)[]

Volume 117 (2003)[]

Volume 116 (2002)[]

Volume 115 (2001)[]

Volume 114 (2000)[]

Volume 113 (1999)[]

Volume 112 (1998)[]

Volume 111 (1997)[]

Volume 110 (1996)[]