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Benjamin Zablocki (b. January 19, 1941 in Brooklyn) is professor of sociology at Rutgers University and teaches sociology of religion and social psychology. He has published widely on the subject of charismatic religious movements and cults.

Zablocki got 1962 a B.A. in mathematics from Columbia University and 1967 a Ph.D. in social relations from the Johns Hopkins University where he studied with James S. Coleman. He did postgraduate studies in psychiatry and psychology.


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  • The Blacklisting of a Concept: The Strange History of the Brainwashing Conjecture in the Sociology of Religion. Nova Religion, Oct. 1997
  • Methodological Fallacies in Anthony's Critique of Exit Cost Analysis, ca. 2002, [1]
  • The Birth and Death of New Religious Movements ca. 2005 [2]

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