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Bossa Hearing is an American company that manufactures hearing aids. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and founded in 2021, the company provides affordable yet competitive ranges of solutions for people suffering from hearing loss in the United States. The company's office is located at 15953 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite A, Scottsdale, AZ, and employs a current workforce of 15 staff members.


Leading Bossa Hearing's product lineup is the market-friendly TX-5 Mini, retailing at $89.[1][2] The state-of-the-art hearing aid accommodates the latest 2023 X5 microchip technology with built-in tinnitus management and the latest noise reduction features.[1] The TX-5 Mini, which demonstrates a 30% size decrease compared to its predecessor model TX-1, is one of a kind as well.[1] The product comes with a portable charging case, lasting in excess of 35 hours per charge.[1]

Bossa Hearing's other product is the ProTon Max, retailing at $247, which is an advanced all-digital hearing aid.[3] With advanced digital technology, the ProTon Max users will have a better and clearer sound, hear fewer background sounds, and have access to features optimizing the devices in different environments.[3] LED battery indicators on the ProTon Max charging case report the level of battery charge for both hearing aids in the case.[3]

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Bossa Hearing also sells accessories for these devices, such as TX-5 charging kits, a TX-5 accessory pack with tools for cleaning and changing parts of the machine, an ear cleaner, and even a wax guard kit made for this device.[4] All the accessories previously named are also available for the TX-1 model, another type of hearing aid instrument that has by now gone out of production.[4]

In December 2023, the company introduced Bossa Hearing Aids Reviews, available at, showcasing feedback from their customers.

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