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Carnegie Mellon University Psychology Department's current homepage

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Current notable staff and their homepages

John Robert Anderson

Notable alumni

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Notable staff in the past


Baruch Fischhoff, Paul Fischbeck, Robyn Dawes, George Loewenstein, Jennifer Lerner, Kathleen Carley, David Krackhardt, Steven Klepper, Linda Babcock, Lee Branstetter, David A. Hounshell, William Keech, Mark Kamlet, Roberto Weber, Herbert A. Simon, Jendayi Frazer, Kiron Skinner, Sara Kiesler, John Patrick Crecine, Cristina Bicchieri, Joseph Born Kadane, Patrick D. Larkey, and Otto Davis

History of the department

The department's primary strength lies in interdisciplinary research, particularly in the intersection of politics and sociology with economics, psychology and human decision making. Statistics, microeconomics, rational decision theory and game theory are among the many areas of specialization. SDS faculty are very involved in interdisciplinary research throughout the university, and are drawn from fields as diverse as economics, psychology, sociology, history, management science, and political science. SDS is affiliated with several labs, institutes, and centers:

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Data Truck serving researchers in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences

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