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From Quantum Ontology:

The only thing that truly exists is the Quantum Field, an single, infinite Force Field of BEing, of Consciousness and Will, aka Aware-Will. It is the Creator: out of the Field, super-intelligently guided, springs all energy and matter, the entire universe. The Field creates the universe out of Its own Essence (the closest concept in English is energy.) It is the Essence of All That Is. Everything that exist is formed of Essence, by Essence. The Creation is an illusion, the playground, the Disneyland of Essence wherein she individualizes and incarnates to play and adventure. The Purpose of the Creation is for Essence to experience and explore Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of being and expression. Earth is one of the innumerable playgrounds where individualizations of Essence = spirits ( technical term: psycans) come to enjoy the Human Adventure Movie. The Earth is very much like the Matrix. (See the books: Essentiality I and Essentiality II at and Amazon.

The Field has 13 Primordial Characteristics: Light, Infinity, Oneness-Unity, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power-Creator), Perfection, Magnificence, Beauty, Love, Joy, Peace, and Truth. The Field is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omni-Intelligent, and Omnipotent. These are all many in ONE thing, like the colors of the rainbow that come out of white light. The Characteristics are not theoretical; they are the result of personal experiences and integration with the Field by quantum ontologists. Because every being is made of, and by the Field and is always the same One Essence, any person willing to make the effort can learn to perceive and communicate with the Field. Humans have this ability blocked in order to lose themselves in the illusion and drama of the Human Adventure Experience. Spiritual enlightenment is an awakening from the illusion to recover your consciousness of Who You Really Are and reconnect with Essence.

There is only ONE Consciousness. The human psycan (spirit that inhabits the body) is an individualization of the One Consciousness. To visualize this, think of all the air, the atmosphere, around you. Now put in soap bubbles. the soap bubbles represent psycans: the the air/space consciousness inside the bubble of individuality is identical to the air outside the bubble. The membrane of separation of the individual from the One is called the Ego Force Field. you are not an ego. You do not have an ego. You are consciousness, an individualization of the One Infinite Consciousness that is one of the 13 Characteristics of the Quantum Field, aka the Creator, aka Essence.

Consciousness is the ability, the power, to perceive realities, to experience them, to feel them, and thereby to know. (A reality is any form of energy; it is energy BEing something, taking a form, becoming an object.) Realities cause experience. Experience is the effect of realities ( on consciousness). you can control all your psycanic experience in life by discreating the causal reality. The method for doing so is called the Psycanics Being Transformation Technology. this is exactly what most human beings do not do: instead of experiencing out the causal reality to discreated; they resist their experience which only serves to energize it and cause it to persist. See the book: How to Do Precision Self Therapy To Quickly Change Anything In Your Life at and Amazon.

A common error in the physical sciences is to think that consciousness comes from matter. Physical scientists seek consciousness in the evolution of physical forms, the body, the brain, and chemical processes. This is backwards. Consciousness is a priori to the physical universe; consciousness is the creator of the physical universe. Consciousness is a fundamental characteristics of all life, of all being, and therefore of Cause (creation).

Taken from the works of quantologist Thomas Mycal Powell, used with permission and released under CC-BY-SA

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