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This category is intended as a list of all the Universities and higher education institutions that teach Psychology at degree level. If you know of a University or college that is not listed here, please add it to the list.

Eventually we intend to list all the Universities that study psychology worldwide. In the early stages though we will develop a list of Universities in the UK and US, and later other English speaking countries, as this is where the majority of our contributors are currently based (as of August 2006).

As this list grows larger, we will also begin to categorise and list universities in non-English speaking countries, this is something that you can help us with if you are from a non-English speaking country, as the unification of Psychology will not be achieved purely through the culture of one language.

Additionally, as well as adding your University or college, consider letting the students and staff know about our project, as it will make the resource more useful and will attract additional contributors.

Please only add Universities to this category if they offer a course in Psychology at undergraduate or postgraduate level, or if psychology research is conducted there. Universities that offer subjects in related disciplines, such as neurology, artificial intelligence and computer human interface are also acceptable.

Please do not add your Universities here, but rather add them to the appropriate country in which your university is based. In the US, please add your university to the state category to which it belongs.

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