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Brain: Central tegmental tract
Diagram of the midbrain, sectioned at the level of the superior colliculus (Central tegmental tract not labeled, but region is visible.)
Axial section of the Brainstem (Pons) at the level of the Facial Colliculus (Central tegmental tract not labeled, but region is visible.)
Latin Tractus tegmentalis centralis
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The central tegmental tract is a structure in the midbrain and pons.

Lesion of the tract can cause palatal myoclonus, e.g. in myoclonic syndrome, itself a symptom of medial superior pontine syndrome: a form of stroke affecting the paramedian branches of the upper basilar artery.

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Blumenfeld, Hal, "Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases" Sinauer Associates, Inc. 2002</ref>


Mesencephalon (midbrain)

cerebral peduncle: midbrain tegmentum (periaqueductal gray, ventral tegmentum, nucleus raphe dorsalis), pretectum, substantia nigra, red nucleus, pedunculopontine nucleus, medial longitudinal fasciculus, medial lemniscus, rubrospinal tract, lateral lemniscus

tectum: corpora quadrigemina, inferior colliculi, superior colliculi

cerebral aqueduct: oculomotor nucleus, trochlear nucleus, Edinger-Westphal nucleus

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