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Chronophilia is a rarely used term that refers to a group of patterns of sexual arousal in which a person's sexuoerotic age is discordant with his or her actual chronological age and is concordant with the age of the partner. The term was coined by John Money.

This is not directly related to ephebophilia, gerontophilia, or teleiophilia, in that they are patterns of arousal that favour members of a different age-group, without their sexuoerotic age being different.[How to reference and link to summary or text]


Teleiophilia is a rarely-used term coined by Ray Blanchard, meaning an erotic preference for the adult physique. As this is the norm in most societies, it is not usually considered a paraphilia.[1]

Gerontophilia refers to sexual attraction to the elderly among the non-elderly.[2]

Pedophilia (by definition including nepiophilia) differs from all these conditions in that it is a clinically-recognized disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.[3] This classification and the inclusion of nepiophilia is the subject of controversy.[1][2][3]

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