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This section is an overview of the Personal Experience section of The Psychology Wiki. Please read this page in its entirety if you are considering sharing a personal experience. It is important that you understand the goal of this section, and your right to confidentiality, etc. before sharing an experience. The list of links below will direct you to more information that is field-specific.


The purpose of this section is that through sharing one's story, others will gain important insight. This includes other individuals dealing with mental illness, health professionals, students, etc. We hope to learn learn how best to cope with illnesses, ways in which other people have recovered, and aspects of an illness which are perhaps not included in academia. Our goal is to foster an environment of respect, curiousity, and learning. We hope that psychology as a discipline will benefit from this gathering of ideas, emotions, and experiences.

NOTE: This section is NOT group counseling or therapy, a place to put a cry for help, or a support group. We strongly encourage those who need such resources to seek that help elsewhere.

It is entirely possible to comment on these experiences on that User's talk page. However, the experiences themselves will be protected by an administrator so that other people cannot edit them.

Confidentiality, Anonymity and Withdrawal[]

Users who submit experiences to the Psychology Wiki will at all times remain anonymous and their experiences will be treated with total confidentiality. Alias user accounts will be allowed, if an existing contributor wishes to share an experience anonymously.

Once the experiences are uploaded to that User's page, the user can request that an Administrator protect the page from further edits. This is recommended as it prevents other users from changing the content. The administrators at the Psychology Wiki reserve the right to edit experiences for spelling, grammar and structure. They also reserve the right to remove experiences which are in any way offensive, racist, sexist or in any other way inflammatory to other persons or groups.

The user who submitted an experience can, at any time, ask for the experience to be withdrawn from the site. To do so, please login and leave a message with an administrator, who will then completely delete the experience from our records.

To Share an Experience[]

If you want to contribute your story or personal experience to the Psychology Wiki, please follow the instructions below:

  • 1) Log in and create a user name. NOTE: While you will be asked to provide your real name, this information will be confidential. Only your username will be public.
  • 2) Add this link somewhere on your User page: [[User:YOUR-USERNAME-HERE/Experience]].
  • 3) Once the page from that link is working, use that page to write your experience.
  • 5) We will then protect your story/experience page so that other people cannot change it. We will also add category tags so that people can find it easily, as well as the rose background, so people know its an experience page.

If you are new to Wikis and Wiki editing, please see the Beginner's Guide to Wiki's.

Your experience will then appear in the Index/Category page for the relevant experience. For example, if you wrote about depression and alcoholism, then the experience will appear in both of those categories. If you wrote about a course of CBT that you attended to overcome these problems, then the experience will also appear in that Index/Category page.

We hope you enjoy sharing your experiences with other users of this site and that you find reading the other experiences here to be beneficial. Please do not hesitate to contact an administrator if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!

List of Experiences[]

This list of experiences is intended to list all of the experience types that are shared on the Psychology Wiki. There are 3 links listed for each experience:

  • 1) The 1st link is to the main article about that condition, eg: Depression

Note: As of 8/17 there are only personal experiences listed under depression and bipolar disorder.

Experience Types:

Anti Depressants[]


Psychological Condition Page for people with this condition Personal Experiences Index
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder:Service user page Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder:Service user page Bipolar Experiences Index
Depression (Unipolar) Depression:Service user page Depression Experiences Index
Drug Abuse
Panic attacks

Methods of Recovery[]


Please Note:
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