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Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) is similar to computer-assisted telephone interviewing, except that the interview takes place in person instead of over the telephone.

- The respondent sits in front of a computer terminal and answers a questionnaire on the screen by using the keyboard or a mouse.
- Help screens and courteous error messages are provided.
- The colorful screens and on and off-screen stimuli add to the respondent's interest and involvement in the task.
- This method has been classified as a personal interview technique since an interviewer is usually present to serve as a host and to guide the respondent as needed.
- This approach is used in shopping malls, preceded by the intercept and screening process described earlier.
- It is also used to conduct business-to-business research at trade shows or conventions.

Fore example, CAPI is used as the method of data collection for the British Crime Survey.

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