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Computer assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) supports qualitative data analysis, the content analysis in qualitative research. Qualitative researchers apply open strategies to collect data, that are usually unstructured. The traditional techniques used in qualitative research were observation, introspection, narratives, discussion groups, interviews, etc. The researchers transcribed them and CAQDAS only analysed the written texts. Nowadays, data could be analysed not only as written text but also as audio, photo, or video without transcription (linguistics).

CAQDAS provide powerful means to improve the analysis, to gain rigorousness, to increase speed, and facilitate further contrasts and conclusions. However, CAQDAS do not realise usually automatic analysis: the researcher has to decide which is the best transcription, which is the adequate analysis unit, which are the relevant segments or elements to code, which are the codes and how he/she is organising them, the complexity of the coding strategy, etc. CAQDAS are only a help; a very useful help; but only a help.


As a general approach, a CAQDAS could have these tools:

  • Content searching
  • Coding
  • Retrieving
  • Writing and annotation
  • Linking
  • Mapping
  • Query

Kinds of CAQDAS

The CAQDAS Networking project[1] lists most of the following tools:

Free / open source software for CAQDAS

Proprietary software for CAQDAS

Web-Based CAQDAS software

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