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Dacryphilia (also called dacrylagnia) is a form of paraphilia in which one person is aroused by other person's tears or crying.

The term covers all forms of pleasure from the tears of others. The arousal is achieved when viewing a person in emotional distress. It carries the theme where a person (often a Top in BDSM relationship) induces another (the bottom) to cry, or otherwise show a strong emotion.


Dacryphilia may be a form of humiliation in the pain, restriction, servitude and humiliation' spectrum of BDSM; for example, a dominant may verbally abuse the submissive in order to elicit a tearful response. In contrast, a dominant may physically torture the submissive to draw tears in a pain scene. In this way, dacryphilia is a form of sadism.

The psychologicial aspects of dacryphilia are that the causative entity displays the power to control the psychological response from the receiver. This form of power-play therefore brings pleasure, and for some, sexual arousal. Passive dacryphilia a third party who also achieves pleasure in watching someone in emotional distress, usually cause by the scening dominant, though the reason does not restrict the pleasure -  aperson may enjoy the tears of others, whatever the cause.

Other usage

Dacryphilia is sometimes used to express the pleasure experienced through one's own tears, often as an emotional release.


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