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The David E. Rumelhart Prize for Contributions to the Theoretical Foundations of Human Cognition has only been running since 2001.

The prize is funded the Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson Foundation. Robert J. Glushko is an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who received a Ph. D. in Cognitive Psychology in 1979 under Rumelhart's supervision. He is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Information (I-School) at the University of California, Berkeley.

The award is presented every year at the Cognitive Science Society meeting, where the recipient gives an hour-long lecture and is given his (Turing & Rumelhart award winners have all been male, although this is not a requirement) check for $100,000, and then the next year's award winner is announced.

The Rumelhart Prize committee is actually totally independent of the Cognitive Science Society

Recent Prizewinners

  • 2002 Richard M. Shiffrin

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