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Depression' may refer to:

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==Something we can't all understand- TW! Triggering subjects involved.

Depression comes in many different forms for millions around the world. People who suffer severe depression often self-harm, also known as cutting, carving, or using a stretch-band , flicking it on their wrists. Individuals often try to hide the fact that they are harming themselves, this may not be the case for everyone, but it is often because other people may judge them, and inform others which may lead to severe consequences. Depression can be caused by child-hood trauma. Many people have divorced parents, mothers or fathers that have been abused throughout their childhood so these memories inflict on them later in life when they understand what it actually was and or meant. They may have been sexually aussaulted or abused themselves. Bullying can also cause depression. I would like to inform people, please do not say ' you don't even know what depression is!' yes, they do. They are experiencing it and they need your help. If you can't give them that help then don't bother. Therapy can help this. Many severe patients go to mental institutions, if it gets to that point. I cannot be speaking for eveyone in these few words im typing out on a chromebook at night, but I just want too say, please be careful, you'r probably reading this article, feeling down, about to cut or have cut, maybe thinking about suicide. Dont. Its not worth it, you have one life, dont waste it. I know things seem bad right now, but you won't have the hardest life forever. It will get better, it will come no matter in how long, please, it not worth the risk. Give life just one more chance, and get the motivation you need. I know i have not been in your shoes, and I don't know how bad it is, but it has the possibility to get better. Don't give life up. Put the pencil sharpener down, the rubber band, rope or gun. Don't do it. Thank You.

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