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Educational counseling is the offering of help and advice to students on educational matters such as academic specialization, course selection, educational financial assistance and coming to terms with the implications of educational diagnoses.

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This training is useful to students who

– Aspire to achieve high marks

– Have problem in remembering

– Want to learn efficient study method by G. S. Ramesh kumar – in which you study only once, but train your brain areas to coordinate as it is required in the exam hall

This is a 6 sessions online training and is conducted specific to each student (online training of student will not help another student if just copied). Before we start the session we also assess you by online test to understand your basic nature relevant to Academic Achievement.

+2 / HSC students can also undergo Educational Guidance to decide which college course will suit them better.

This is based on their individual assessments and student specific guidance will be given.

This is based on seven different types of assessments.