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The following is a list of evolutionary psychology research groups and centers.

Country Group Institution
Argentina Group on Evolutionary Archaeology and Anthropology University of Buenos Aires
Canada The Evolutionary Psychology Research Group Simon Fraser University
Behavioural Ecology Simon Fraser University
Evolutionary Psychology Research Group Simon Fraser University
Germany Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute for Urban Ethology Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute
Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition Max Planck Institute
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science Max Planck Institute
Norway Evolutionary Psychology and Individual Differences Norwegian University of Science and Technology
UK Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution University College London
Human Evolutionary Ecology Group University College London
Evolutionary Anthropology Research Group Durham University
Evolutionary Psychology and Behavior Ecology Group University of Liverpool
Evolution and Behaviour Group and MSc Programme Brunel University
Centre for Research in Evolutionary Anthropology Roehampton University
USA Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology Program University of Arizona
Behavioral Biology Laboratory University of Chicago
Biological Anthropology Program University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture University of California, Los Angeles
The UCSB Center for Evolutionary Psychology University of California, Santa Barbara
Evolution and the Social Mind University of California, Santa Barbara
Evolutionary Psychology Lab Florida Atlantic University
Program for Evolutionary Dynamics Harvard University
Evolution and Human Behavior Laboratory University of Miami
Evolution and Human Adaptation Program University of Michigan
Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group University of Nebraska
NECSI New England Complex Systems Institute
Human Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences University of New Mexico
The Pennsylvania Laboratory for Experimental Evolutionary Psychology University of Pennsylvania
Research Group on Evolution and Higher Cognition Rutgers University
Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology Program University of Texas at Austin
Evolutionary World Politics, Department of Political Science University of Washington
IGERT Program in Evolutionary Modeling University of Washington & Washington State University
Various International Paleopsychology Project International Paleopsychology Project
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