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Fluid sexuality is when a person's sexuality changes over a long period of time. It is not overnight, and usually not extreme, but small changes in sexual attraction can be attributed to the fluidity of human sexuality. This is how someone going from being a 5 on the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid to a 3 can be explained. The change can be from between any two (or more) positions on the sexuality spectrum, but it is usually not as extreme as 1 to 7. As such, it should not be considered the same as the result of conversion therapy. Conversion therapy aims for a drastic, quick switch of sexuality, while fluid sexuality means a gradual unprovoked change over time. Thus, attempts at converting an exclusively homosexual person to exclusively heterosexual are not guaranteed to work on the basis of fluid sexuality.

Aside from describing shifts between homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality, it can also describe changes in sexual desire. This would apply to an asexual who begins to become sexual or a sexual person moving toward asexuality.

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