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  1. Direct copy from Wikipedia to Pshychology results with broken links
  2. Special page: is not showing "correct" results. I was expecting to see psyhology pages that are to be created...

<saaraleigh> - how to redirect these pages to Wikipedia? #REDIRCET ???

<Splarka> first of all, when importing data or copying data from Wikipedia, it is a good idea to remove all those links that you'll never use

<Splarka> if you want an interm solution...

<Splarka> create the pages in Special:Wantedpages with content existswp to get the same effect

<Splarka> the template is at:

<Splarka> (customize it as you need)

<Splarka> you might or might not want the edit link there, and you might want to make the link to Wikipedia's page more prominent

saaraleigh: I fixed it for China. Are we OK with this solution?

<Dr Joe Kiff> This is going to be a really useful way of turning non psychology links blue without going to each one to remove remove them. Thanks.