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Nerve: Genitofemoral nerve
Plan of lumbar plexus. (Genitofemoral nerve visible at upper left.)
The lumbar plexus and its branches. (Genitofemoral nerve visible at upper left.)
Latin nervus genitofemoralis
Gray's subject #212 953
Innervates cremaster
From lumbar plexus
To lumboinguinal, genital branch
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In human anatomy, the genitofemoral nerve originates from the upper part of the lumbar plexus of spinal nerves. Its roots are L1 and L2 (lumbar).

It emerges on the anterior surface of the psoas major muscle and divides into two branches:

  • The femoral branch, or lumboinguinal nerve, supplies skin anterior to the upper part of the femoral triangle
  • The genital branch:
    • in males, it travels through the superficial inguinal ring, along with the spermatic cord, and supplies the cremaster and the scrotal skin
    • in females, it ends in the skin of the mons pubis and labia majora

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