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Journal gap

Front cover - Good Autism Practice journal

Description of subject matter covered:

A good practice journal for those working and living with children and adults with an autistic spectrum disorder. GAP is the first journal dedicated solely to promoting good practice with children and adults withautism and Asperger's syndrome. Produced in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, autism.west midlands and Autism Cymru.


  • Practitioner research articles
  • Parent articles
  • Personal experience articles by autistic people
  • Reviews of books and other textual material
  • United Kingdom parliamentary events commentary in relation to autism issues in daily life.

Office address:

British Institute of Learning Disabilities
Campion House
Green Street
United Kingdom
DY10 1JL



Web presence:

Submission details:

Publication frequency:

  • Two issues per yearly volume


  • English

Cost etc.:

  • Subscription information available from the website