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The Humanistic Psychology Archive (HPA) was established in 1986 and is located in the Department of Special Collections, at the UCSB Davidson Library. The purpose of HPA is to collect, organize, preserve and make available to researchers primary resources relating to humanistic psychology, its antecedents and its development. The Archive contains and solicits materials generated by the founders, pioneers and major individuals, organizations, centers, and institutions participating in humanistic psychology, including its historical, literary, social and artistic aspects.

Current Holdings

The Humanistic Psychology Archive has major collections relating to the Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP), George I. Brown, James F.T. Bugental, Stanley Keleman, Abraham Maslow, Rollo May, Carl R. Rogers, Virginia Satir, Stewart B. Shapiro, [[Bob Tannenbaum] and John Vasconcellos. Altogether, its present holdings include nearly 200 collections, comprising approximately 1000 linear feet of material.

Scope of the Collection

  • A. Inclusions

o 1. Subject: humanistic psychology, including its philosophical and psychological antecedents. o 2. Geographical: international, with emphasis on United States; bulk of current holdings relating to California. o 3. Chronological: twentieth century. o 4. Languages: bulk of current holdings in English, but no exclusion of other languages. o 5. Formats: personal papers and institutional records, including but not limited to correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, research files, memoranda and minutes, photographs, audio and videotapes. o 6. Other: some related materials are located in or have been transferred to other areas of Special Collections; examples include Krishnamurti and New Age materials in the American Religions Collection.

  • B. Exclusions - artifacts, printed materials (except for copies with significant inscriptions or annotations), subject matter not related to humanistic psychology.

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