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H00-H59 - Diseases of the eye and adnexa

(H00-H06) Disorders of eyelid, lacrimal system and orbit

(H10-H13) Disorders of conjunctiva

(H15-H19) Disorders of sclera and cornea

  • (H17) Corneal scars and opacities
  • (H18) Other disorders of cornea
    • (H180) Corneal pigmentations and deposits
      • Haematocornea
      • Kayser-Fleischer ring
      • Krukenberg's spindle
      • Staehli's line
    • (H181) Bullous keratopathy
    • (H182) Other corneal oedema
    • (H183) Changes in corneal membranes
    • (H184) Corneal degeneration
      • Arcus senilis
      • Band keratopathy
    • (H185) Hereditary corneal dystrophies
      • Fuchs' dystrophy
    • (H186) Keratoconus
    • (H187) Other corneal deformities
    • (H188) Other specified disorders of cornea
    • (H189) Disorder of cornea, unspecified

(H20-H22) Disorders of iris and ciliary body

  • (H20) Iridocyclitis
    • (H200) Acute and subacute iridocyclitis

(H25-H28) Disorders of lens

(H30-H36) Disorders of choroid and retina

(H40-H42) Glaucoma

(H43-H45) Disorders of vitreous body and globe

  • (H43) Disorders of vitreous body
    • (H439) Disorder of vitreous body, unspecified
  • (H44) Disorders of globe
  • (H45) Disorders of vitreous body and globe in diseases classified elsewhere

(H46-H48) Disorders of optic nerve and visual pathways

(H49-H52) Disorders of ocular muscles, binocular movement, accommodation and refraction

  • (H50) Other strabismus
    • (H500) Convergent concomitant strabismus
      • Esotropia (alternating)(monocular), except intermittent
    • (H501) Divergent concomitant strabismus
      • Exotropia (alternating)(monocular), except intermittent
    • (H502) Vertical strabismus
      • Hypertropia
      • Hypotropia
    • (H503) Intermittent heterotropia
    • (H504) Other and unspecified heterotropia
      • Concomitant strabismus NOS
      • Cyclotropia
      • Microtropia
      • Monofixation syndrome
    • (H505) Heterophoria
      • Alternating hyperphoria
      • Esophoria
      • Exophoria
    • (H506) Mechanical strabismus
      • Brown's sheath syndrome
      • Strabismus due to adhesions
      • Traumatic limitation of duction of eye muscle
    • (H508) Other specified strabismus
    • (H509) Strabismus, unspecified

(H53-H54) Visual disturbances and blindness

(H55-H59) Other disorders of eye and adnexa

  • (H55) Nystagmus and other irregular eye movements
  • (H57) Other disorders of eye and adnexa
  • (H58) Other disorders of eye and adnexa in diseases classified elsewhere
    • (H580) Anomalies of pupillary function in diseases classified elsewhere
      • Argyll Robertson phenomenon or pupil, syphilitic
  • (H59) Postprocedural disorders of eye and adnexa, not elsewhere classified

H60-H99 - Diseases of the ear and mastoid process

(H60-H62) Diseases of external ear

(H65-H75) Diseases of middle ear and mastoid

(H80-H83) Diseases of inner ear

(H90-H95) Other disorders of ear

  • (H92) Otalgia and effusion of ear
    • (H920) Otalgia
    • (H921) Otorrhoea
    • (H922) Otorrhagia
  • (H93) Other disorders of ear, not elsewhere classified
  • (H94) Other disorders of ear in diseases classified elsewhere

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