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Ideation has a number of meanings in psychology:may also mean:

  • Ideation (idea generation) is the process of forming and relating ideas or images. It is a concept utilized in the study of behavior, creativity, innovation, design thinking and concept development.
  • Focused meditation, In some storylines of the cultural meme of spirituality, this refers to the process by which human consciousness is directed towards the God consciousness.
  • [Fantasy]] - A psychological state in which an individual generates alternate scenarios, creates fantasy worlds, or otherwise imagines things in a way that may contradict external reality. In this context, ideation may be considered constructive or escapist, creative or destructive, depending on the lens through which this state of mind is being observed.
  • a Constructivist premise for social analysis in international relations studies. The most important ideational factors in Contructivist explanations are widely shared or "intersubjective" beliefs, which are not reducible to individuals (Finnermore & Sikink 2001). These shared beliefs construct the interests and identities of purposive actors (Adler 1997; Ruggie 1998).
  • Suicidal ideation, a common medical term for thoughts about suicide, which may be as detailed as a formulated plan, without the suicidal act itself.

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