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Further reading[]


  • Pandey, J (1987) publishes the three volume book [[Psychology in India:

The State of the Art]]

  • PSYCHOLOGY IN INDIA REVISITED -- Developments in the Discipline, Volume 1 (Physiological Foundations and Human Cognition): Janak Pandey -- Editor; Sage Publications

This is the first of three volumes of the fourth survey of research in psychology by the Indian Council of Social Science Research.

The first survey (1971) reviewed psychology in India by topic, the second (1980-81) adopted a thematic and cross-disciplinary approach and the third (1988) was more focussed on select problems of theoretical and methodological.

This fourth survey aims to identify major trends in each thematic area. A distinct feature of this survey is the coverage of the development of indigenous concepts, methods, theories and cross-cultural research.


Further reading[]

  • Baral, B.D. and Das, J.P. (20004). Intelligence: what is indigenous to India and what is shared? . In Robert J. Sternberg International Handbook of Intelligence. Cambridge University Press

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