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You can archive your material where you see a set of prompts similar to these:

: Academic support materials

or you can copy these from here if you wish.

If the name of the area has not been filled in beside the colons then the first thing to do is name the area distictly. Remember other areas are also using the prompts so to create uniquely identifiable pages in the database the names need to be distinctive eg Oxford:Edpsych: or Leeds:Clin; or Biol:Brain:Imaging: etc.

Once this is done each of the links will take you to a page where you need to list the name of the course material giving some idea of the level it is aimed at.

  • Cognitive therapy:York:Undergraduates yr 2
  • Cognitive therapy:Newcastle:Clinical:Yr 1
  • Cognitive therapy:Melbourne:Undergraduates yr 3
  • Cognitive therapy:Yale:International symposium

Make your description into a link by highlighting it and clicking on the Ab symbol to put the double brackets round it and then save the page.

From the saved page click your red link and it will open a record page onto which you can cut and paste your material. Once you have done this press the 'show preview' button alongside the 'save page' button to check the layout and if it is OK press the 'save page' button.

If the layout needs adjustment then make changes until you are satisfied, (use the help section, if neccessary, in another window).

Because the format of the pages in the wiki is Unicode slides do not always transfer easily, only the text comes across from powerpoint with little formatting. Often this is enough and the slides should be listed in sequence eg

slide 1




Slide 2




Slide 3 etc.

The lecture notes accompanying the slides should be appended at the foot of the slides.