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Embedding a video from YouTube can give a great new look to an article

Video from YouTube can be shown on any Wikia page using simple code. The video is not uploaded to the Psychology Wiki, but embedded. This means it is stored on YouTube, then called from there to be viewed on our wiki.

Adding a YouTube video[]

To add a YouTube video, you need the id code for the video. The easiest way to find this is to look at the URL of the YouTube page for the video. The sting of letters and numbers after "v=" in the URL is the id code. So for the URL: the id code could be CCz1kmfqL7g. If you aren't sure what you use, you can add the whole url in place of the id code.

YouTube videos are embedded with the code:


The id code for the video you want to show goes between the two tags:

<youtube>id code</youtube> 

"id code" is the code from the URL. So an example might be:


Changing the size of the video[]

You can change the width and height of the video box, to a maximum of 425x350 pixels. If you specify width and height, and those settings are not in proportion to the YouTube screen, then you will have empty space around the video. In most cases, the width determines the screen size in this situation.

  • Width is controlled with width="xxx", where xxx is the number of pixels. The default is 425 pixels.
  • Height is controlled in the same way with height="xxx". The default is 350 pixels.

A full example would be:

<youtube width="200" height="200">CCz1kmfqL7g</youtube>

This gives you:

Adding a caption[]

You can add a caption to a video using the image thumbnail styles.

The basic form is:

<div class="thumbcaption">CAPTION</div>
<youtube width="125" height="100">ID</youtube>

Controlling placement[]

You can control placement again using the image thumbnail style.

In this example you can add a video with a width of 200px, float it to the right of the page, and add a caption at the top. Simply edit the ID and CAPTION and pixel sizes to suit.

<div class="thumb tright"  style="width:200px;">
<div class="thumbcaption">CAPTION</div>
<youtube width="200" height="200">ID</youtube>

Making a template[]

If you intend to use a lot of YouTube videos on your wiki, you can make a template to prevent you needing to add this code (see example).

See our YouTube listings for examples of what is available on the Psychology Wiki.