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General adult intelligence measures

  • AH4 Group Test of General Intelligence
  • AH5 Group Test of High Grade Intelligence
  • AH6 Group Test of High Level Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (CTONI)
  • Concept Mastery Test - Form T
  • Dominion Group Tests of Learning Capacity
  • General Ability Index (GAI)
  • General Ability Measure for Adults (GAMA)
  • Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT)
  • Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test
  • Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test
  • Kaufman Survey of Early Academic and Language Skills
  • Kaufman Test of Education Achievement (K-TEA)
  • Multidimensional Aptitude Battery
  • Otis Self-Administering Tests of Mental Ability
  • Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices
  • Raven Coloured Progressive Matrices
  • Raven’s Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scales
  • Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales
  • Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test
  • Shipley Intitute of Living Scale
  • Thurstone Primary Mental Abilities Test
  • Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness
  • Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Revised as a Neurological Instrument (WAIS-R NI)
  • Wide Range Achievement Test –Revised (WRAT-R)

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