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The mission of The Journal of Behavior Analysis of Offender and Victim - Treatment and Prevention will be to highlight the role of behavior analysis in adult and juvenile crime prevention, assessment of offenders including risk assessment, and treatment programs from a behavioral orientation including but not limited to the use of behavioral counseling, collaborative goal setting, contingency management, functional assessment, functionally based interventions, respondent conditioning and counter conditioning procedures, functional analytic psychotherapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.
The journal will also place a major focus articles on that present behavior analytic and social learning models of the development of criminal behavior, the behavioral treatment of victims, victimology from a behavior analytic perspective, behavioral interventions for violent crime, functional assessment of offender motivation, and other types of criminal activity, including behavioral approaches to the reduction of terrorism and insurgency reduction. We see all of these topics as suitable for publication in this journal. In addition, the journal will publish articles on behavior analysis in the treatment of the offender that are policy oriented. Articles on forensic behavior analysis, testifying, due process, and behavioral profiling of criminal behavior will be considered. Finally, organizational behavior management and positive behavioral support articles dealing with system change issues in schools and criminal institutions will also be considered."
The vision of the Journal of Behavior Analysis of Offender and Victim - Treatment and Prevention is as follows: By 2001, the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that 2.7% of adults in the U.S. had served time in prison. This is almost a full percentage over the 1.8% that were estimated to have served back in 1991. This dramatic rise in those serving in prisons speaks to the need to strong offender treatment and prevention programs. We envision a world in which evidenced based practices are in place to reduce recidivism and serve as a functional alternative to reducing crime.

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