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From the website:
The Journal of Humanistic Psychology is an interdisciplinary forum for contributions, controversies and diverse statements pertaining to humanistic psychology. It addresses personal growth, interpersonal encounters, social problems and philosophical issues.
An international journal of human potential, self-actualization, the search for meaning and social change, the Journal of Humanistic Psychology was founded by Abraham Maslow and Anthony Sutich in 1961. It is the official journal of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, and maintains a close connection with the Saybrook Institute where Thomas Greening, JHP's former editor, is a member of the faculty.
The Journal of Humanistic Psychology publishes experiential reports, theoretical papers, personal essays, research studies with an emphasis on human science methods, applications of humanistic psychology, humanistic analyses of contemporary culture, and occasional poems. Topics of special interest are authenticity, identity, personal growth, self-actualization, self-transcendence, I-Thou encounters, existential and humanistic psychotherapy, community building, humanistic politics, synergy, creativity, holistic learning and healing, values, and love. The journal is a forum for diverse statements about humanistic psychology, including criticisms. [1]

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  • Publication frequency: Quarterly, starting in January
  • Language: English

Full texts available online[]

Volume 49 (2009)[]

Volume 48 (2008)[]

Volume 47 (2007)[]

Volume 46 (2006)[]

Volume 45 (2005)[]

Volume 44 (2004)[]

Volume 43 (2003)[]

  • Drob, S.L. (2003). Fragmentation in contemporary psychology: A dialectical solution. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 43, 102-123. Full text

Volume 42 (2002)[]

Volume 41 (2001)[]

Volume 40 (2000)[]

  • Slife, B. D., & Fisher, A. (2000). Modern and postmodern approaches to the free will/determinism dilemma in psychology. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 40, 80-108. Full text (Final draft)

History of the journal[]

Kurt Goldstein was early co-editor.