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The Journal of Individual Psychology is the principal publication of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology.

The journal was established in 1940 as Individual Psychology News. It was changed to Individual Psychology Bulletin in 1941 and to American Journal of Individual Psychology in 1952. The title was changed again to Journal of Individual Psychology in 1957 and this title was kept until 1981, when it was changed to Individual Psychology. It was changed back to Journal of Individual Psychology in 1998. The journal was issued twice a year from 1952 to 1981 (frequency before 1952 varied) and became quarterly after that. It is indexed in PsycINFO and is available full-text in EBSCO Academic Search.

From 1963 to 1981 the Society also published another journal entitled Individual Psychologist (also indexed in PsycInfo, but not available full-text commercially), which was merged with its sister journal in 1981.

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