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Learning disabilities
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Dyslexia specific
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Introduction to learning disabilities

History of the concept of learning disability

LD: Learning disabilities and national policies

Children with Learning disabilites

Older adults with learning disabilities

Service users' perspective in learning disabilities

Carers' perspective in learning disabilities

LD: Advocacy

LD: Causes of learning disability

LD: Types of learning difficulty

LD: Assessment in learning difficulties

LD: Therapeutic approaches to learning disability

LD: Clinical issues in learning disabilities

LD: Forensic issues and learning disabiility

LD: Mental health and learning disabilities

LD: Quality of life - Employment, housing etc

LD: Service issues in learning disabilities

LD: Consulting Skills

LD: Clinical Skills

Special education

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  • Farnham-Diggory, S. (1978) Learning Disabilities, London: Fontana.