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Matricide is the act of killing one's mother. As for any type of killing, motives can vary a great deal.


Psychology of matricide

Psychoanalytic perspective

Link with mother-son incest

Link with mental disorder

Link with schizophrenia

Chiswick (1981) wrote: "The apparent high level of psychiatric morbidity, particularly of schizophrenia, in matricidal killers cannot be ignored but must be put in context. Firstly, even if all matricides in England were committed by schizophrenics there would be only a dozen or so such cases each year. Moreover, thousands of schizophrenic sons live in peace with their mothers, neither assaulting nor killing them; and the contribution made by schizophrenics to the homicide rate in general is insignificant. Secondly, family murder does not occur in a vacuum. It is a complex interaction of individual characteristics, precipitation by the victim, and environmental chance. Victims do not give interviews, and the inevitable medicolegal preoccupation with the psychopathology of the offender has hampered psychiatric knowledge of these often strange crimes. An association does appear to exist between matricide and schizophrenia, but how far the relation is causative remains unknown; simply allocating the diagnosis of schizophrenia to an individual is an incomplete and unsatisfactory explanation for his crime. The relation of schizophrenia to matricide, as distinct from other forms of family murder, might owe more to opportunity than psychodynamics. The socially disabling effects of the disease reduce the likelihood of marriage and prolong dependency on parents."

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