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The mnemonic dominic system is a mnemonic system similar to the mnemonic major system, but much shorter. It was invented by Dominic O'Brien, who uses it to perform feats such as memorizing the order of a deck of playing cards in under a minute.


The sequence for the Dominic System is as follows.

Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Mnemonic A B C D E S G H N O


The system is composed entirely of two digit numbers such as 00 (AA) or 69 (SN). The system is used by associating a person with each number by associating the initials with a name. The person is then associated with a characteristic action; for example 39 (CN) may be associated with Chuck Norris performing a roundhouse kick.

Memorization in the system is done by associating the numbers with the persons and actions they represent. This can allow the memorization of four digit numbers, such as 3927 (CN,BG). If the first two digits are a person and the second two are an action, then Chuck Norris writing software could represent 3927.

Memories are constructed by associating persons and actions in a sequence. 63141639 could be chunked into 6314 1639, and associated with Sarah Connor (SC), Jesus (AD) rising from the dead, Arnold Schwarzenegger (AS) terminating a pigeon, and Chuck Norris (CN) performing a roundhouse kick. The sequence 6314 would represent Sarah Connor rising from the dead; while 1639 would represent Arnold Schwarzenegger performing a roundhouse kick. The associated sequence of events, therefor, could be that Sarah Connor rises from the dead and gets roundhouse kicked by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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