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Many clinical psychologists don tot feel that the medical model is an appropriate basis for our work and are not happy with the borrowing of psychiatric labels, the use of diagnosis and the prescriptive treatment of symptoms. The reasons for this are many as we can see below. Some of these may be covered by ICD10 so the list may alter.

Dealing with difficult feelings

NonICD: Maternal depression

Treating particular behaviours rather than a diagnosis

NonICD: Functional analysis

NonICD: Hearing voices

NonICD: Dementia

NonICD: Addiction behaviour

Helping people come off medication

Treating of the causes as much as the symptoms

NonICD: Treating for results of sexual abuse

NonICD: Treating for results of psychological abuse

NonICD: Treating for results of other abuse

NonICD: Treating for results of other trauma

NonICD: working with sexual problems

Working with the self

NonICD: Self esteem

NonICD: Self image

NonICD: Depersonalization disorder


Working with the body

Working on transpersonal issues

NonICD: Spiritual crises

Working form a humanistic perspective

NonICD: Personal growth

NonICD: Self actualisation

Treating thoughts at a more philosophical level

NonICD: Existential crises

Working from the point of view of health and strengths

NonICD: Wellness

NonICD: Wholeness

NonICD: Successful Aging

Working at the relationship level

Marriage guidance

Relationship counseling

Family therapy

Working at the social level

NonICD:Working with communities

NonICD:Working with groups of people not symptoms

Non ICD: Problems of poverty

Working out of a broad cultural critique

NonICD: Feminist theory

NonICD: Queer theory

NonICD Miscellanous unclassified labels

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