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Personality and Social Psychology Review is devoted to publishing original theoretical papers and conceptual review articles in personality and social psychology. PSPR is intended as a forum for conceptual pieces that initiate new lines of research and theory or provide a coherent framework for existing theory and programs of research. The journal emphasizes theory-based reviews of empirical contributions to a substantive area of research and offers integrative theoretical formulations concerning work in a given area of personality and/or social psychology. The journal does not publish methodological papers or methodological critiques unless they make a direct and substantial contribution to theory. Suitable topics for submission include, but are not limited to, attitudes and social cognition, personality development, personality assessment, interpersonal processes, group behavior, and intergroup relations. Occasionally PSPR publishes other pieces of particular interest to members of the Society, such as special topical issues, selected symposia, and invited addresses. All papers are reviewed with respect to their scholarly merit.
Personality and Social Psychology Review is one of the two journals of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, (Division 8 of the American Psychological Association). The other journal is Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. [1]

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Full texts available online[]

Volume 15 (2011)[]

Volume 14 (2010)[]

Volume 13 (2009)[]

Volume 12 (2008)[]

Volume 11 (2007)[]

Volume 10 (2006)[]

  • Haselton, M. G., & Nettle, D. (2006). The paranoid optimist: An integrative evolutionary model of cognitive biases. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 10, 47-66. Full text

Volume 9 (2005)[]

Volume 8 (2004)[]

Volume 7 (2003)[]

Volume 6 (2002)[]

Volume 5 (2001)[]

Volume 4 (2000)[]

Volume 3 (1999)[]

  • Burger, J. M. (1999). The foot-in-the-door compliance procedure: A multiple-process analysis and review. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 3, 303-325. Full text

Volume 2 (1998)[]

Volume 1 (1997)[]