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Professor Peter Tyrer is a British psychiatrist and who works in the field of personality disorder.

He explored the relationship between the severity and intensity of particular traits amongst those diagnosed with the condition. Through factor analysis he developed a list of 24 distinct traits and was able to assign them to four groupings as subtypes of personality:

  • Sociopathic eg irresponsibility, impulsiveness, aggressiveness
  • Passive dependent eg dependency, vulnerability, anxiousness
  • Inhibited eg shy, conscientious, rigid
  • Anankastic associated with obsessive-compulsive features, sensitivity and shyness.

He and his group developed the Personality Assessment Schedule (Tyrer 1988).

Generally Tryer took the view that traits occur along a continuum and that differences in what he called " accented personality styles or traits" may or may not be defined as clinically relevent depending on individual factors, and their occurence along with other traits.

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Tyrer, P. (1988). What's wrong with DSM-III personality disorders? Journal of Personality Disorders,2, 281-291.

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