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PAICS is the research group for Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex, Brighton, England.


The University of Sussex was once internationally renowned for its interdisciplinarity and in particular for the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (COGS). With the new departmental system put in place in 2004 by the management of the University COGS became a centre for research into Cognitive Science and the researchers that once belonged under COGS now belong to the departments of Informatics, Psychology, Philosophy and others. Steeped in the tradition of interdisciplinarity and requiring it for their research, the members of PAICS, though now in the department of Informatics, still have close links with the other departments and its members' research is wide ranging from the ethics of AI to connectionist modelling.

Entry and Education

Graduate students in PAICS are working towards DPhil's (PhD's) in Cognitive Science or Informatics. The head of the research group is Dr Ron Chrisley who is also the director of COGS and the Master's program POCS - Philosophy of Cognitive Science. Students applying to the Master's program normally have a good undergraduate degree in Philosophy. Applicants to the DPhil program have undergraduate and Master's degrees in a range of disciplines from Philosophy to Physics.

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