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The psychological contract is the set of unwritten rules governing various sets of social relationships, for example between marriage partners, the members of a social group, or of a work team. In this context a contract is an agreement entered into voluntarily by two parties or more with the intention of creating a social obligation. The result for breach of such a contract can be damages to ones reputation, embarassment, shame or guilt

In organizational psychology

Main article: Psychological contract in the workplace

The term is most frequently used in industrial and organizational psychology where it applies to the shared understanding about expected levels of activity and remuneration, benefits etc.

In marriage

In a marriage the psychological contract may centre around issues of domestic work, social freedoms, quality of life, security, sexual activity, Work family relationship etc.

In psychotherapy

The therapeutic contract is the agreement between the therapist and client as to the focus of the work, the rules for attendance, payment etc

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