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It is important to distinguish what actually needs to be copied here, i.e. what topics are important in the study of psychology. For example; statistics topics that are not directly related to psychology should be linked to externally. Remember, this is a psychology wiki - not a statistics wiki.

Cleaning up articles and copying over new ones[]

  • In the early stages it is worth concentrating on turning red links blue by cutting and pasting and importing material from other appropriate sites, always remembering that they must be copyright free. Obviously Wikipedia is a good source of material but other sites can be used as well such as wikibooks and wikiuniversity. Usually the material will be for a more general audience but, may be of use for further specialist editing later. Please remember to try to keep the skeleton of links clear, and to put long articles onto separate side pages if necessary. For instructions see the "How to copy text and images from Wikepedia" help page.

Current areas requiring a cut and paste:[]

Generally speaking all the red links in any of the articles can be found in Wikipedia and copied across. But these sections will benefit in particular:

  • Under Clinical - ApproachesDone - Internal links & original articles needed only.
  • Under Template:Expert there is a list of templates that need copying over, using the same principle as pages.
  • However, if you have original material please copy it to an appropriate page.
  • If you are interested in an area that is not represented by existing pages, try to add it to the existing structure and to develop a structure of supporting pages around it that you feel are relevent.

Remember, it doesn't have to be a total rewrite to be helpful!