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Ideas for New Articles to create[]

Post old coursework[]

Have you ever spent many days writing a piece of coursework of which you were really proud? Did you get a really good grade for some quality work that was well written and referenced? Is that work now sitting in a dusty file or somewhere on your hard-disk, unread by anyone except you and your tutor?

Consider posting the work on the Psychology Wiki. There are already articles on general subjects like Depression or the sleep hormone Melatonin, but if you did coursework on "The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Melatonin levels in Clinical Depression" then you could start an article on Depression_&_Melatonin.

Don't worry if the work is not of brilliant publishable standard. The idea of this project is that articles will be continuously improved, so other editors will come along and improve your work, adding more references perhaps, or fixing little mistakes here and there.