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Please take your time to explore this site. You will see that although much is up and running, there is a need to structure and organise the project better.

Improving structure[]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Improving Structure

Ongoing tasks[]

  1. Learn your way around the site first
  2. If something on a page can be usefully explained by linking to information on another page - DO IT.
  3. Contribute by:
  • Fixing broken links
  • Redirecting pages to the correct article (#REDIRECT [[...]])
  • Adding missing articles that are linked to (red links)
  • Pointing out mistakes, holes, missing info to others
  • Helping to organise a particular area
  • Setting up more detailed articles off of long articles

Discrete (completable) tasks[]

(Well - after we catch up, some will be ongoing as new pages are added!)

  • Clean up and improve all Guidepage articles
  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to using templates (based on w:Help:Templates)
  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to using categories (based on w:Help:Category)
  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to cleaning articles
  • Link all useful articles to Community Portal - 70% Done
  • Link all useful articles to Tasks to Do - 60% Done
  • The Sitemap
  • Site structure guide
  • Update Links on Main_Page properly to new info.
  • Clean up Special:Categories -
    • Try to delete 10 useless/irrelevant categories each day;
    • Deal with each useful/relevant red link in that list by clicking it and giving that category a parent category or two (and a line of explanation if the category name is not self-explanatory);
    • Try to categorise 20 or more uncategorised categories per day
  • Fix search facility to just search THIS wiki and to search for terms within pages as well as page titles (Wikia overall has problems with this from time to time: we are not alone)

Help Page Re-write[]

We need to re-write our help pages so they are good for both the general user/contributor and specific to our project. See Help:Contents.

Need Template Specialist[]

We need someone who knows about templates to fix various template issues on the Wiki. For example: Endnote templates in the article: Brain.

Backup Team[]

If you are reliable and would like to join the backup team for this site please volunteer on the Backup Team page.