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Psychology Wiki Sitemap
How to find your way around

There are 4 main types of pages on the Psychology Wiki:

Guide Pages[]

  • Guide Pages have a light golden background and are designed to give users useful information about the Psychology Wiki, as well as how to use and contribute to it.

Index Pages[]

  • Index Pages have a pale lavendar background. These are lists of topics, and sublists of subtopics. They are intended to help you navigate the Psychology Wiki and find the topic you want to read.

For example:

Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychology: Types of Problem
Problems Defined by the DSM-IV codes
Treatment for Schizophrenia

Alternatively you can use the search function. Index pages can be reached from the browsebar, which is at the top of the screen on this page, and is normally at the top of, or right hand side of most Guide pages.

Content Pages[]

  • Content Pages have no background colour and so are mostly black and white. These are the main content of the site, representing the knowledge base of the psychology wiki.

Content pages are intended to have a balanced and neutral point of view, allowing for criticisms and alternative viewpoints if the subject has no general consensus. Content on these pages should eventually be fully academically referenced (to APA standards), but at this stage all content will not be at this stage. You can help the psychology wiki by improving articles. Content pages may include a variety of content boxes which contain different content

Professional or Expert written[]

  • Professional or Expert Comments will initially be in their own section, with a light sky blue background, as part of regular content pages. As expert sections on a certain subject, such as depression become larger in volume, these contributions will be moved to their own seperate pages, with a link from the main article.

User Experiences[]

  • User Experiences have a pale rose background. These pages are where users of psychological services can give share their personal experiences, with complete anonymity with the community of the Psychology Wiki.

The user experiences will normally be attached to a userpage and linked to from the appropriate section. For example, the page Depression will link to Depression:Experiences which in turn will link to Unhappy Larry's experiences of depression.

It is intended for these experiences to be totally anonymous in order to assure confidentiality. Hence if a contributor wishes to share experiences, they will be allowed to create an alterego userpage, in order to anonymously share their experiences.

It is likely that as the Psychology Wiki progresses though, that many of the user experiences will be from people who would otherwise not be contributors. Experiences could be added by clinical psychologists on behalf of patients in their care, provided they have appropriate permission and consent. All experiences submitted may be removed at any time should the contributor wish to withdraw them from the site.